Play the digital edition of the original Rummikub game. Via the main menu, you can select whether you want to practice by playing against the computer, or whether you want to challenge some other online players to a game. You can also invite your friends and family. Create a private room and send them the entry code. This way, you can choose exactly who you want to play with. If you’ve never played Rummikub before, there’s a quick and optional tutorial to help you get started. The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your tiles first. You’ll need at least 30 points to start your first move. Arrange the tiles into melds of at least three tiles. You can make a meld by combining three tiles of the same number in different colors (e.g. red 5 – yellow 5 – blue 5), or a sequence of consecutive numbers in one color (e.g. 6-7-8, all in black). After your first round, you can also manipulate the melds on the table to create new combinations, steal jokers, and thwart your opponents.

screenshot walkthroughRummikub Walkthrough