Play entertaining online Makeover games at BGames

At BGames, we’ve collected the best makeover games for you to play. Discover the makeover artist in you as you search for ways to transform your models into trendy superstars. Your models are unhappy with their current look, so they’ve come to you for advice. Find some beautiful clothing that suits them well, change their hair and make-up, and put a smile on their face. Just wait till they see their fantastic transformation! In our makeover games, you can explore new trends, design daring outfits, and create exciting costumes for all kinds of different occasions. Whether you’re getting your model ready for a job interview, a red carpet event, or a summer vacation, start your makeover journey today with BGames’ huge selection of free makeover games!

Free Makeover games to transform your favorite characters

Most aspiring stylists can only wish to become a makeover artist for celebrities, but in these games you can create new looks for all kinds of pop stars and famous cartoon characters. Design new looks for Disney princesses, superheroes, and popular film stars and singers! Your models are your canvas. You can create a completely new outfit for them, or revisit some of their most iconic looks. Roll out the many clothing racks in your makeover studio and let’s get started! Browse each collection of clothing and select the items you’d like your models to try on. If you find just the right items for your makeover, you can look for some matching accessories to complete the look. Next, you’ll have to fix their make-up and hair. Sometimes your model needs a facial treatment first. Cleanse their skin and give them a soothing face mask before applying new makeup. You can dye your model’s hair, curl it, straighten it, cut it short, or use a magic potion to make it longer. Don't forget to take some photos once their makeover transformation is complete!

A large selection of Makeover games for girls

Extreme makeover shows are very popular on TV. Do you love to watch programs like that? Maybe you’d like to try your hand at giving someone an extreme makeover, or perhaps you’d like to design a new look for yourself as well? We’ve got lots of different types of makeover games for you to play. You can dress up princesses and celebrities, but you can also design your own model. Try on all kinds of different clothes and experiment with new hairstyles and different make-up. You can be as creative as you like. What kind of look would you like to try next? Have fun playing!