Jass Group is based on Klaverjas, a popular card game from the Netherlands. Klaverjas (and Jass Group) is played with four players. The players pair up into two teams. You play together with the person sitting opposite, so North and South are a team, and East and West are a team. Players choose a trump card each round, and the first player decides to play or pass, depending on whether they think their team will be able to win by gaining more than half of the points allotted during each game. Players shed cards with the aim of winning the round. This continues for 8 rounds. There are a number of local game variations, which you can try out with Jass Group. This includes Amsterdam rules and Rotterdam rules.

How to play Jass Group?

For a full overview of the rules, you can consult the in-game tutorial and rule overview. The GamePoint website also features an overview of the rule variations for Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and other game varieties.

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